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Transparency Code


We are obliged to provide you with clear information on what the Council undertake each year and how our finances are run.  This is published for you here

All Councils must comply with the transparency code in order to be exempt from a Limited Assurance Review.

The Chairman of the parish meeting must ensure that:

1. The certificate of exemption is completed and includes:

a. A statement of annual gross income;

b. A statement of annual gross expenditure;

c. The signature of the Chairman and if applicable the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO);

d. The date(s) on which the certificate of exemption was signed; and

e. The telephone number and email address of the Chairman (or RFO)

2. The completed certificate of exemption is sent to the external auditor;

3. The internal audit report is for the fiscal year is completed, signed and dated by the internal auditor;

4. The annual governance statement is;

a. Completed;

b. Formally approved at a parish meeting, with date and minute reference inserted;

c. Signed by the Chairman and RFO; and

d. Approved before the annual accounting statement;

5. Summary accounting statements are:

a. Completed;

b. Signed and dated by the RFO or Chairman as RFO;

c. Formally approved at a parish meeting with the date and minute reference inserted; and

d. Signed by the Chairman; and

6. Copies of:

a. The completed certificate of exemption;

b. The completed, signed and dated annual internal audit report;

c. The completed, approved, dated and signed annual governance statement; and

d. The completed, approved, dated and signed summary accounting statements are published on a public website and placed on display in a conspicuous place before 2nd July; and

7. Copies of:

a. Analysis of variances;

b. Bank reconciliations;

c. Notice of the period for the exercise of public rights is published on a public website.

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